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At VETINO Jaggy Brno we specialize in anesthesiology, dermatology, internal medicine, neurology, surgery and orthopedics, oncology, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy. Each speciality is led by a highly qualified senior doctor with years, if not decades of experience in their relevant field. Under their guidance, each speciality is supplemented by younger doctors who are also well qualified and who gain more experience from the leadership of their mentors. They are monitored and guided throughout their examinations and treatment by the senior department doctor.

Due to top notch equipment such as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), ultrasound, x-ray, endoscopy, as well as equipment for arthroscopy and laparascopy you can always rely on top notch veterinary medical care at our clinic.


An anesthesiologists main goal is to calm down or put sedate the patient for various diagnostic or surgical procedures so that stress and other anesthesiological risks are eliminated as much as possible. Using modern equipment, care is provided both for patients undergoing routine procedures and for patients which are high risk, or undergoing critical care.
Our anesthesiology service at the clinic is based on the fact that one anesthesiologist always deals with only one patient and is with them from the beginning of anesthesia until they awaken completely. After this, the patient is transferred to the postoperative department to the care of a veterinarian.

The main emphasis is on ensuring the maximum safety of anesthesia by observing the following points:

– pre-anesthesiological clinical examination of the patient, if necessary ECG and X-ray examination, examination of blood
– the presence of an anesthesiologist throughout the procedure
– use of gentle and well-metabolizable anesthetics
– use of inhalation anesthesia
– thorough monitoring of the patient during anesthesia with the help of the monitoring of vital signs and keeping an anesthesiological protocol (measurement of heart and respiratory rate, ECG, pressure and temperature, oxygen saturation, amount of exhaled CO2)
– concomitant use of other types of anesthesia to reduce the total amount of anesthetics administered to the patient and thus ensure greater safety of anesthesia (local anesthesia, sedative anesthesia, epidural anesthesia)
– infusion or transfusion therapy during anesthesia using an infusion pump
– administration of analgesics during anesthesia using a linear dispenser
– ensuring postoperative monitoring of the patient as well as the possibility of oxygen therapy

Special attention is paid to especially critical, polytraumatic, cardiac, pediatric and geriatric patients.

No less important for patient comfort after surgery is the management of postoperative pain using effective analgesic protocols.

Anesthesiologists are available around the clock!

Department of anesthesiology: MVDr. Hana Jarešová, MVDr. Ján Kulfan


Our dermatology department specializes in all pet allergies as well as skin derived allergies, immune mediated allergies, hormonal, parasite induced and infectious. Top knotch service is provided by our dermatology specialist MVDr. Jan Rybníček Dip. ECVD. Due to his workload it is always necessary to schedule an appointment by calling our reception. Besides his work at our clinic, MVDr. Rybníček also provides a dermatohistopathological service for our clinic as well as other clinics in Czech Republic.

You can find out more information about MVDr. Rybníček on his website

Department of dermatology: MVDr. Jan Rybníček, DipECVD

Surgery & Orthopedics

Our department of surgery and orthopedics offers surgical treatment of diseases in the thoracic or abdominal cavity (gastric torsion, neoplasms, traumatic bleeding, diaphragmatic hernia, dyspnea). We also offer surgical treatment of diseases of the ears, external auditory canal, middle ear, brachycephalic syndrome, collapse of the trachea by stent placement and, last but not least, skin plastic surgery. As one of the few veterinary clinics in the Czech Republic, we also perform so-called minimally invasive procedures – laparoscopy, thoracoscopy and arthroscopy.

Our most frequently performed procedures include laparoscopic or laparoscopically assisted castrations. The aim of this procedure is, as in the case of “classic” castration, to remove the ovaries (ovariectomy), or the ovaries with the uterus (ovariohysterectomy). However, the main difference compared to the classic design (laparotomically) is the incomparably smaller surgical wound and thus significantly shorter recovery time after surgery, a significant reduction in postoperative pain and a significantly lower risk of complications. Furthermore, laparoscopy can be used as a diagnostic method, when the abdominal cavity only needs to be examined, or for possible sampling for histological examination.

The advantage of arthroscopy is minimally invasive surgery, but with maximum visualization of the joint itself. Thanks to this, we can precisely target surgical treatment and at the same time we have the opportunity to treat a larger number of joints in one operation. Another advantage is shortened postoperative care. Problems that we solve arthroscopically include elbow joint dysplasia, osteochondrosis of joints as well as ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament.

We provide orthopedic diagnostics of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and offer all modern treatment techniques – external and internal fixation and stabilization systems, therapeutic arthroscopy, TPO (triple pelvic osteotomy), JPS (juvenile pubic symphysiodesis), TPLO and TTA (methods of correcting cruciate ligament damage).

Department of surgery & orthopedics: MVDr. Jana Křivánková, MVDr. Martin Kuncl

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is the field of medicine who’s main goal is to diagnose and treat diseases of the abdominal and thoracic organs.

Our clinic provides diagnostic service and treatment plans for patients with respiratory, urinary, digestive problems, among others. We also provide a high standard of care to oncologic and pediatric patients. Amongst our diagnostic capabilities we are also capable of carrying out diagnostic imaging – ultrasound, x-rays, endoscopies, and laparoscopy.

Examination of body fluids (blood, urine, joint fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, abdominal or thoracic effusion) and samples from organs taken by fine-needle aspiration is a part of the subject of so-called clinical pathology, which includes cytological examination.

Department of internal medicine: MVDr. David Hanzlíček, DVM, MVDr. Petra Vejrážková


Neurology is our prestigious field and offers help to all patients with diseases of the nervous system. We diagnose and solve ailments with walking, coordination, painful conditions, abnormal behavior, seizures, head and spine trauma and, of course, limb paralysis. An integral part of this speciality is the subsequent physiotherapy. The advantage of our service is, in addition to the unquestionable highest level of expertise, is the ability to perform diagnostics as well as therapy in a single day in cases that require an urgent solution or in which the division of diagnostics into several steps and repeated anesthesia represents a medical risk.

We diagnose the above mentioned neurological problems with the help of the following examination techniques – X-ray of the spine, contrast examination of the spine – myelography, MRI, EEG, EMG / ENG – electromyography / electroneurography, examination of cerebrospinal fluid.

Routine neurosurgical procedures include intervertebral disc herniation, fractures and dislocations of the spine, head traumas, instability of the cervical spine (Wobbler’s syndrome), brain and spinal cord tumors, brain anomalies (hydrocephalus, quadrigeminal cysts), spinal cord anomalies, sinnoidia, syringomyelia, as well as portosystemic shunts.

Department of neurology: MVDr. Aleš Tomek, DipECVN, MVDr. Tereza Paušová, Gda en Veterinaria Miriam Žáková

Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy – both passive and active rehabilitation – is an essential and integral part of the treatment of patients with neurological or orthopedic ailments and diseases. The origin of our style of physiotherapy is at the Veterinary University in Bern, which is famous not only in Europe, but worldwide, for its successful and renowned rehabilitation program. The reputation of this school also reached the USA, where this method of rehabilitation is called “Jaggy’s dance” among veterinary neurologists after the name of the head of the department of neurology, Prof. André Jaggy, who lent his name to our clinic. Rehabilitation is performed by experienced clinic staff according to a plan compiled by a doctor and based on the individual needs of each patient.

An important part of rehabilitation, especially for patients with severe movement disorders, is magnetotherapy and hydrotherapy, which is performed in a swimming pool. We use various rehabilitation aids for special exercises. Active physiotherapy is often a very time-consuming and physically demanding job, requiring not only considerable effort on the part of the physiotherapist, but especially the active participation of the patient. To stimulate the efforts of a dog or cat patient, it is necessary to apply positive stimulation (treats, etc.), which makes rehabilitation a fun or even exciting exercise for most dogs and cats.

Department of rehabilitation & physiotherapy: MVDr. Aleš Tomek, DipECVN, MVDr. Tereza Paušová, Lenka Brzobohatá fyzioterapeutická asistentka